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Endless Summer

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Welcome to Endless Summer 6 week challenge and training program. These 6 weeks we are all about the booty, legs and core. And who can get the overall best transformation.

You will be training on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday.  You can adjust your training so you hit the core days with your leg day or however it best fits your schedule. You will need to keep a log and good record keeping. There are some rules to endless summer: 

Rule #1 Trust me. I’m gonna be asking you to do some things that are out of your comfort zone, just trust me during this process. It may not all make sense now, but at the end of the 6 weeks- you will be so happy with your results. But you have to give me everything- all of you, and you must be fully committed 

Rule #2 No Sweatpants! Why? Because anytime I've ever put on sweatpants I automatically go into lazy mode. Heck, I'd say they should be off limits in bed too. When we resort back to our big comfy clothes it gets easy to 'hide' behind them and before we know it, we've gotten a little too relaxed in our discipline. 

Rule #3 You Must Drink a gallon of water a day, which is equal to a little over 4 liters, (4 shaker bottles a day) two in the morning and two in the afternoon. Your goal to finish your water should be 4pm. I typically have 4/5th of my water for the day drank by 3pm and the rest of the day can be sipping or enjoying bubbly water etc. or any other zero calorie beverage.  

Rule #4 No Alcohol... yup- no alcohol. It's 6 weeks... you can do it!

Rule #5 You must follow a meal plan. It doesn't have to be this meal plan, it just needs to be A PLAN. Even if it's YOUR plan, just have a plan. You MUST get your foods prepared on Sunday prior to the training week so you know, I know you are 100% prepared to succeed. No tupperware, no problem.   Use baggies, I put all my meals in baggies and just eat out of the baggies. 

Rule #6 Get it done, no matter what it takes. The different types of training facilities are so diverse nowadays, I have done my best to include any substitutes for these exercises below. If you do not have the exercise listed, please use one of the alternative methods. 

Rule #7 Weekly Progress photos are mandatory, wearing a black top and black bottom with good lighting. Everything MUST be the same. Same time in the morning, same location and fasted. 

THE MEAL PLAN. This is where your really gonna have to trust me and this is where everyone starts freaking out. Lol  I am giving you a meal plan as I would do my prep, not prepping for a show (like I currently am, so you’re A-OK). If you do not like the foods listed then find a suitable substitute with as close as possible to match the same source i.e protein replace with a protein of the same macros with as close to similar macros as listed in the meal plan.  

Supplementation: Is it good? Yes- it is necessary in order to achieve optimal health. Can it help you fast track to your goals and help provide much needed micronutrients and amino acids? YES! Deficiencies? YES! 
This is what I love about supplementation. You can never out train a poor diet which is why I have provided a full meal plan for you throughout this program. Supplementation can be very beneficial when done consistently and when you have balanced nutrition... Look, it doesn't have to be perfect. I get it- but avoid the yo-yo habits we easily get ourselves in. 

These are the supplements I take daily: Reds and Greens, Micro Factor complete daily nutrient pack, Fish Oil and Harmony, which helps energy, mood skin complexion and balance hormones. I would never recommend anything to you that I wouldn't take myself or recommend my mom or best friends to take. 
Here is the link to all of these daily 'Ashley's morning cocktail' 

For weeks one-three you will be doing the same training each week. It will take you approx., two weeks to adjust to the training and one week to truly perfect it before we move on to the second phase in weeks four, five and six. Every week you MUST pick up a heavier weight even if you can only do partial reps with that weight, just make it a drop set by going down to the immediate next weight. 


THIS IS A DIGITAL DOWNLOAD: All materials are digital and sent to you INSTANTLY in PDF format. You will not receive a physical book. Download on any computer, tablet, or phone. Instant download means you can START TODAY!

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